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Funny story from lunch today that I forgot to share earlier…..So, my sister and I are at lunch this afternoon, just eating and chatting, when a waitress (not ours) walks up to our table.  She stands there for a second and then asks “are you guys twins?”  I think we both answered at the same time “no.”  The waitress then proceeds to tell us how much we look alike and we nicely tell her that we pretty much hear that all the time. 

Seriously, we hear that a lot!  It’s funny, because I do think we look alike, but not exactly alike.  But the weird part of that story is how the waitress walked up to our table and asked us.  I mean, if I saw twin sisters sitting at a table, I wouldn’t go up to them and be like “are you twins?”  If you see twins somewhere, then good, you saw twins.  Why would you ask?  I mean, really.  If you are unsure enough to ask, then the answer is most likely going to be no.  As it was in our case.  We got a good laugh out of it, at least. 

What do you guys think….do we look like twins? 😉



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Thursday fun!

This afternoon I picked up my sister from work and we went to lunch!  Yay!  I never really get to do this sort of thing, because of my work schedule, so I am glad I got to today! 

Thumbs up for lunch with my sister!

We went to a local bakery that also doubles as a little lunchtime cafe.  They serve all kinds of yummy looking sandwiches, salads and soups.  My sister and I each had a salad and a bowl of soup.

my salad!

my sister's salad!

Chicken tortilla soup & mini lemon cupcakes!

We both agreed that the salads were good, but next time we might just skip the salad and only go for soup!  The soup was good, super-filling and the bowls were big!

Speaking of things that are big….doesn’t my head look huge in this picture?  Ugh, I have a ginormous head!

Oh, and there were also lots and lots of cupcakes to choose from:

cupcakes galore!

I didn’t actually eat a cupcake, because I was too full from lunch!  But they all looked really yummy!  My sister bought a four pack to take back to her co-workers, and she reported to me later that they were a hit!  Duh!  Who doesn’t love a good cupcake every once in a while?! 

After lunch, on my way home, I drove by where my special friends live:

The Alpaca’s!!  I love them!

And check out the temperature from today:


Kyle Thomas says that it must be wrong, but I say that thermometers don’t lie!  It was a warm one today!  And I love it!


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Could you be more hideous?

I just can’t help myself…..I do not like Katherine Heigl.  And here she is, lookin’ extra hideous:

I actually think I might hate her.  I hate her hair, I hate the outfit she is wearing and I hate her bad attitude.  Obviously I don’t know her, but she always seems to have a bad attitude.  I don’t know why.  I can just sense it.  Some more photos of Katherine recently, lookin’ the same kind of hideous:

katherine heigl little doms date mom 01

katherine heigl little doms lunch 02

Does anyone else agree with me??  Doesn’t Katherine seem like a sourpuss?  What do you guys think? 

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Sucker Punch in IMAX

Last night Kyle Thomas and I drove a little over an hour to see Sucker Punch at the IMAX theater. 

Neither of us had ever been to a movie at the IMAX theater.  The screen was seriously ginormous!  And when we walked in, we were about twenty minutes early, there was not a single soul in the entire place. 

Eventually people started showing up, unfortunately, and sat all around us.  I hate when people do that.  It’s like, it is seriously a huge theater, do you really have to sit directly in front of the only two people in there?  And the answer is always yes.  It happens every.single.time.  Anyway, back to the movie!  We had popcorn and Coke slushies and I also had some Sour Patch Kids.


The movie itself was pretty much what I expected.  It was definitely entertaining, with lots of hot girls fighting monsters in skimpy little outfits.  And when they were not fighting, they were doing raunchy chores (think scrubbing toilets, cleaning floor and peeling potatoes) in cute, barely there little burlesque costumes.  Certainly not a deep-thinking theatrical experience by any means, but fun and entertaining, yes.  My favorite characters were Babydoll and Amber!

Babydoll is the main character, and the prettiest, IMO.  She has rosy cheeks and long, sexy eyelashes.  Suddenly I have an urge to start wearing my hair in pigtails…..

In the movie Amber wore the most gorgeous burlesque-style costumes!  And she is a fighter-pilot chick, which is super cool and super hot! 

After the movie, we took pictures with all of the movie posters!

Date night was a success!!  I had a good time with Ky-Ky and we both enjoyed the movie! 

Happy Thursday to everyone!

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Sucker Punch time!

Ky-Ky is home from work and we are off to see Sucker Punch!  Woo hoo!  I am not used to going on two dates in one week, much less on a work night (for Kyle anyway)!!  I hope the movie is good!

I will let ya know!  Buh-bye!

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Date Night

Last night Kyle and I had a date night with our friends Ruben and Sandy.  But before we met up with them for dinner we had to hit up Men’s Warehouse so Ky-Ky could get fitted for his tux for the wedding he is going to be in later this year.   I had never actually been inside of a Men’s Warehouse and I think I pictured it to look something like this:

Alas, it did not.  I have to admit, there were actaully pretty nice clothes there.  It was more like this:

Kyle Thomas got fitted for his tux, while I waited and waited and waited…..

After all that tuxedo fitting fun, we headed over to Applebees!

I meant to take pictures while we were there, but I guess there was just too much good conversation going on to think about photo op’s!  At least I got a picture of the most important part of the meal:

Sandy’s drink!  Yum!  It was some kind of Sangria and she said it was goooood!  I had a mango margarita, which was also quite tasty.  Dinner was good, but the company was better!  Thanks Sandy and Ruben for a great evening!

After dinner Ky-Ky and I decided to hit up Target so I could get Britney Spears new CD.

I also picked up a few other neccessities:

Nerds & Peeps!

a pretty new Barbie

Barbie backpack!

And Kyle Thomas never saw Black Swan in the theater, so we picked up a copy of that as well:

Black Swan!

I really liked Black Swan.  I saw it in the movie theater when it first came out (with my friend Abby!) and then Ky-Ky and I watched it last night when we got home.  I liked it just as much the second time around, but I was super tired and kinda dozed off a couple of times.  Kyle really liked it also, especially the girl-on-girl kissing scenes.  Go figure! 

Anyhoo, I am going to go take a nap!  I haven’t taken an afternoon nap in ages, but I am feeling pretty tired, so a nap sounds good right about now!  I need to rest up since I have another date tonight!  Kyle Thomas and I are going to go see Sucker Punch in IMAX!!  Should be fun!  See ya later!

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Lunchy Lunch

My dentist appointment this morning went okay.  Aside from being super rushed in the morning, it was fine, and I am glad it is over.  My mouth is a little sore though.  After I left the dentist, I swung by Starbucks to get myself a little post-appointment treat:

Chai Tea Latte!

I might be addicted to Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes 😉

When I finally arrived back at home, I was starvin’!  I decided to whip up a little chicken caesar salad for lunch!  I cut up some chicken breasts and cooked ’em in some non-stick cooking spray in a skillet on the stove:

I seasoned the chicken with some garlic salt and pepper and cooked it until it was nice and brown.  I then threw some lettuce, black olives, parmesan cheese and croutons in a bowl and topped it with the chicken:

Chicken Caesar Salad!

And to drink with my salad:

I don’t normally drink soda, but this Coke Zero has been sitting in the fridge for a while now, so I thought today would be a good day to guzzle it down.  And it was yummy!!

And for dessert:

These chocolate covered Peeps are amazing!  I love regular peeps so much, I wanted to try the chocolate covered ones, so I did!  Probably a mistake, because they could be my new favorite Easter candy!  Mmmm!! 

Peep, pre-bite

Peep, post-bite

So goooood!! 

That’s all for now……see ya soon!

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