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Too Skinny?

Is LeAnn Rimes too skinny?


The photo on the left is from roughly one year ago and the photo on the right is a current photo of LeAnn.  Clearly, when put side by side, it looks as though LeAnn has lost a substantial amount of weight.  But has she lost too much?  It is hard to say.  LeAnn and her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, recently took a vacation to Mexico, where they were frequently photographed frolicking in the surf in their swimsuits.  And yes, LeAnn looks thin, but I don’t think I would say she looks too thin. 

Take a peek….




 While on their honeymoon, LeAnn tweeted this photo of herself:


When one of her followers commented on the photo saying she looked “scary skinny”  and pointing out her protruding hip bones, LeAnn tweeted back “Those are called abs, not bones, love.”  She went on to add “This is my body, and I can promise you I’m a healthy girl.  I’m just lean.  Thanks for your concern, but no need to be.”

Now, I would definitely not go as far as saying she has “abs” but I don’t think I can justify calling her “scary skinny” either.  It’s weird because I feel like she almost looks skinnier in her regular clothes than she does in her swimwear.  And it seems like it would be the opposite. 

See what I mean…..


Now, I think LeAnn looks super-skinny in this dress, on the verge of being too skinny.  But this photo was taken during the same week as her bikini photos were taken.  Weird, right?!

I want to know what you guys think!  Soooo, that can only mean one thing:  Poll time! 




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Jenna Jameson at Chateau

Actress Jenna Jameson was at Chateau Nightclub and Gardens in Las Vegas

I actually think this dress is rather pretty on Jenna!  The heels are completely fabulous and I love her clutch and the fact that she is wearing minimal accessories.  I even like her yellow fingernails and toenails!  Yellow isn’t an everyday nail color, but it is a fun switch from the normal black/red/pink for a night out in Vegas.   Her only problem is it looks a little like she has gone too far with the lip plumpers.

 What do you think?  Do you think Jenna looks pretty or do you think she needs help?  I am going with pretty.

I hope everyone had a really nice (long!) Memorial Day Weekend!  Happy Tuesday, friends!  🙂

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Alessandra & Selita!

Sexy ladies Alessandra Ambrosio and Selita Ebanks hit up the Shine On Sierra Leone fundraising benefit in Venice, California earlier this week!  The organization’s mission is to create sustainable, thriving self-sufficient communities within the Sierra Leone.  



Alessandra is a gorgeous girl!  So pretty!  And I actually kind of like the color of her jumper, but I hate the length!  Maybe if it were a bit shorter?!  And I do not like the buttons down by her ankles, either.  I love her metallic nails and her nude, patent heels, too!   Great accessories to go with her so-so jumper!  I have definitely seen her look better, though.   



Here is another beautiful woman!  Selita is lovely!  And normally green is one of my favorite colors….but not this time!  I think this dress is average, at best.  I don’t really care for that particular shade of green, and I don’t like that she has red fingernails and toenails.  It is too Christmas-y.  And I like her chunky necklace, but I don’t care for it with that dress.  Although the dress isn’t super-busy, I feel like there is a lot of material going on there with lots of flowy fabric around her shoulders and arms.  The necklace is more of a statement piece, IMO, and would’ve looked more appropriate with a simple dress.  And the heels?  I like ’em, but not with this dress!   I don’t think the necklace, dress and shoes fit that well together.  They are all pretty, but they should’ve been worn with different items! 

What do you think?  Whose outfit do you like better?  Alessandra or Selita?  And why?

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Tony Romo got hitched!

Okay, ladies!  It is official!!  Tony Romo is off the market!  The Dallas Cowboys quarterback tied the knot this weekend with his girlfriend of two years, Candice Crawford!  The wedding was held at Arlington Hall in Dallas, Texas!


There were lots of football players in attendance and of course Candice’s brother Chace (Gossip Girl!) was there as well!   Even the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was there to help the couple celebrate! 

I don’t know much about Candice, but I think these two make a cute couple!  They seem well-matched!  She won the Miss Missouri USA competition in 2008 and went on to place in the top ten in Miss USA.  Awww!  A quarterback and a beauty pageant queen!  Cute, right?! 

I am excited to see their wedding photos, but until then here are some other pictures of the happy couple….





What a good-looking couple!  Just like Darth and CandyBarbie!  😉  Anyway, Congratulations Tony and Candice! 

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  Have a happy and safe Sunday!


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Christina Aguilera…goes to the dentist

Christina Aguilera was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday heading to a dentist appointment with her son Max in tow.  More importantly, though, is the fact that she did so while wearing a hideous outfit!  Her boyfriend Matthew Rutler also tagged along, probably because he needed some money or something, you know, because she is his Sugar-Mama!  



I do realize that she is just going to the dentist, and she probably wanted to wear something comfy, but these black stretch pants are not doing her any favors.  They are black, so they should be slimming, but IMO they are doing the exact opposite for her legs.  They are making her legs look kinda lumpy and misshapen. 



And another thing….again with the red lipstick!!  Red lipstick is not daytime appropriate, and it is certainly not appropriate when going to the dentist!!  Geez!  This girl loves her some red lips!  I think this outfit could’ve been improved with a pair of jeans.  And I don’t mean skinny jeans.  I would also like to add that her son reminds me of the child actor in the film Liar Liar!  Just sayin’!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday on this sunny Memorial Day weekend!!  I will be working all weekend, but I do get Monday off, so I am super pumped about that!   See ya later!  🙂

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How do you feel about this photo?

After smooching in the audience at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez hit the beaches of Hawaii!  Now, I certainly wouldn’t say I am a prude or a fuddy-duddy, but I do feel kinda weird about this photo.  I mean, Selena  is 18 years old and Justin in 17 years old.  And I know they aren’t doing anything inappropriate, but it just seems weird that they are taking a Hawaiian vacation together.  That seems like an awfully big step for such young individuals.  When I was that age I wasn’t even allowed to have a boy in my bedroom without the door being wide open….much less go on an overnight trip….to another state….just the two of us!   Here are a couple more lovey-dovey pics of Justin and Selena:

Again, I do not consider myself to be one of those people who is always like “oh my gawd, they are too young for that!”  But for some strange reason, these photos of Justin and Selena didn’t sit well with me.  And I know that just because they are young, that doesn’t mean that they don’t flirt and kiss and do stuff together, but I can’t help but wonder why the heck their parents let them go on such an adult trip together?!  Taking a vacation with someone is a big deal, IMO.  Maybe they should’ve tried doing something else together first, like going to prom, before a full-on vacay. 

What are your thoughts??  Am I being way too old-ladyish about this?  Do you agree/disagree?!  Tell me, people!!


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The Duff Nugget is at it again!

Oh Hils, why do you wear cropped skinny jeans that make your legs look short and stubby?! 

So, Hilary was ‘melon-bowling’ at the Try Everything Experience sponsored by Sobe, wearing what one can only describe as a very unflattering outfit.  I guess it is just the pants,  really.  Hilary is a super-cute girl, but she is short and petite.  Her legs are too short for cropped skinny jeans!  These pants look horrible on her, IMO.  They make her legs look short, probably shorter than they actually are!  I mean, come on!  One of the most basic rules of fashion is ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE YOUR LEGS LOOK LONG.  Doi. 

As I said before, Hil Hil is a cutie, but this outfit is not doing her any favors.  Just sayin’.

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