I feel bad for this bikini….

Holy moly!  Talk about itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny….

Nicole 'Coco' Austin


Yikes!  Now that is a BIKINI!  I have to say, I am a fan of the new show Ice Loves Coco, but come on!  This bikini is a bit ridiculous, no?!  It is like a tiny shard of red fabric desperately clinging to Coco’s body!  Not cute.  And I think Coco is a cute girl (lady? woman?) but she needs to cover up!  Or at least get a properly fitted swimsuit!  She is packing a lot of curve with that body, but perhaps it would be better if she left a bit more to the imagination?!  Just sayin’….

If you haven’t already, check out Ice and Coco’s new show on E!….appropriately named Ice Loves Coco….


It basically follows their day-to-day lives, while Ice does his other TV show (Law and Order: SVU) and Coco does her modeling and clothing designing.  One other great part of the show?!  Their dog Spartacus!  He is super cute and Ky-Ky and I laughed incessantly when Ice described Spartacus and not being “professional.”  Hilarious!  Check it out!



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3 responses to “I feel bad for this bikini….

  1. Kyle

    That’s pretty crazy. I guess it has to be pretty tight because there isn’t a lot of fabric and if it was even the tiniest bit loose she would have nipple slips for days…..and I won’t even go there in regards to the bottoms.

  2. Kyle

    And also, that is hilarious that he says, “He aint professional” about a dog. It’s always funny when people talk crap about animals or little kids like as if they were full grown adult humans.

  3. rand kaepernick

    totally insane, damn

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