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How Ken Does a Bikini Post

Poor, poor CandyBarbie.  Slaving away again today so that we can afford to go bonkers and bananas next weekend.  And when the cats away, this Ken will play.  On her blog that is!

So one thing that CandyBarbie frequently does is post pics of celebrities in their bikinis.  Those are always great posts to check out when you have some free time at the office and your monitor is turned away from the hallway.  But I have to say that I think CandyBarbie tries to post photos that are more “real” (meaning actual photos that are very recent and were taken at a beach sans airbrushing) and I have to say…not really my thing.

So here are a few pictures of “celebrities” in their bikinis that I would want to see.  Enjoy:

Kristen Cavallari. Jay Cutler = IDIOT!


Rhian Sugden is one of my top favorites!


Brooklyn Decker before she butchered her hair!


Gotta include Angel and Holly!


Marisa Miller, my favorite fellow 49er fan (other than CandyBarbie of course)!


Marisa Miller again.......cause she's that good!

That’s all I have time for now.  But perhaps I’ll get to another one later in the day.  As they say in London; Cheers!

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So today I’m all by myself.  CandyBarbie is working.  Parents are in Santa Clara.  My sister and George are partying somewhere without me.  Colin is running the 1st team at 9er’s camp.  Even Sammy is staying away from me (I think he’s getting too hot or something).

But even so, I still find ways to entertain myself.  How so?  Well first I swam, then I laid out, then I swam some more, then I got some booze to drink, and then I turned to twitter.  And my camera.  It’s a fun and easy way to pass the time.  You can check out my tweets (and twitpics) at @darthkaepernick

Earlier I tweeted this pic (and then drank that booze)!

While speaking of twitter, I thought I would share some of my favorite tweeters as well as some things I like and don’t like about twitter.

I follow 86 people.  That’s more than I want to follow.  I don’t know why, but I don’t really like following a lot of people.  Actually I do know why.  Because I don’t like my timeline to be overwhelming.  I’ve actually unfollowed some friends and people I like because they just tweet way the hell too much.  It’s like in movies when someone gets super powers and they can hear other people’s thoughts, but then it’s a curse because they can’t make it stop….well that’s what some people are like on twitter.  Everything that pops into their head they tweet.  But I can make it stop, so I do…click…unfollowed!

@misslindsaykaep and @darthkaepernick at @LavoLasVegas

When I choose to follow someone, I do so because they are either someone I know personally OR I have realized over enough time that they consistently tweet funny or amusing things or information I like to know.  Or possibly they are my family’s friends and I will follow them.  The only other reason I typically would follow someone is because they are a good-looking girl.  This may be pretty ridiculous, but I’m a guy and that’s what guys do.  And girls do it to.  If you look at CandyBarbies following list, I’m certain there are a lot of pretty girls on there relative to other forms of human beings.

@hollymadison @angelporrino and @lauracroft83 are twitter favs

Probably the best people to follow on twitter are people who are care free and fun and just enjoy living life.  It’s fun to read people’s rants, but it’s not fun to read people who just complain and pout all the time.  There is a difference.

So anyway, here are a list of some of my favorite tweeters who I follow that may be slightly lesser known to some (family excluded):

  • @misslindsaykaep obviously!  Also known on this blog as its creator and author, CandyBarbie.
  • @jasonstrauss owns a bunch of nightclubs and travels around the world.  He doesn’t tweet a ton, but when he does it’s usually something interesting (like when he paid $45 for a Corona in Monte Carlo and decided he was operating in the wrong country).
  • @cosmopolitan_LV they tweet some interesting artsy stuff on top of their hotel and casino deals.  And frequently respond too!
  • @MarqueeLV for the pictures alone.  People say, “what would you do if you won the lotto”…probably party here every night!
  • @Norme_Clarke who is a gossip columnist LVRJ and frequently posts gossip about the things going on in Nevada.
  • @Rhianmarie is a UK Model who frequently writes a lot of things that could just as easily be CandyBarbie saying them!
  • @mattbarrows is the 49ers blogger from the SacBee who writes a lot of good things about @kaepernick7.
  • @lauracroft83 easily the funniest girl tweeter I follow!  Thanks to CandyBarbie for putting me on to following her.

I know CandyBarbie follows some different people than I do and has her own list I’m sure.  She also has gotten a number of responses from celebrities where as I’ve only gotten one or two.  Girls just seem to like other girls better I guess.


That’s all for me today.  I’m turning this thing back over to CandyBarbie.  I have to go to Chipotle and get us some dinner.  If you follow me on twitter, lets pray it doesn’t turn out like my last Chipotle trip!

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Even More Barbies

Hello all, it’s Ken again.  CandyBarbie unfortunately is working today so I’m hijacking the blog (with permission of course) and will post a few things here and there throughout the day.

First up is some pics of the new Barbie’s that CandyBarbie has gotten…most of which are birthday gifts that were given early so that people would have to try to bring them on airplanes and stuff.

2005 Hard Rock Barbie


2008 Hard Rock Barbie

At this point I’m fairly certain that CandyBarbie is only missing two of the Hard Rock Cafe inspired dolls.  The 2003 which was the original (and happens to be the most expensive) and the 2004.  I would guess at some point she’ll get these.

The dolls didn’t stop with Hard Rock though.  You already saw the Couture Angel and Circus dolls in a previous post.  She also got this one:

1 of only 4,000 produced!

This is Verushka, a doll from the Fashion Model’s collection.

As far as I can remember at the moment, those along with the Angel and Circus are the ones she’s gotten so far.  Of course, I’ll need to buy her more than just Barbies for her birthday (she keeps saying something about shoes with red soles…hmmm).  But for now the dolls should hold her over at least until next weekend when the big adventure begins.


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Kendra K. in a yellow dress!

Before I say anything about this yellow dress, I want to know what you think!!  Do you like this yellow dress/pink shoe combo on Kendra Wilkinson (Baskett?)??!



Yay or Nay?


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Couture Angel Barbie

Now, this lovely lady is Pink Label….which is below Gold Label….but she is so dang pretty!  I immediately fell in love with her!  Just hearing her name…Couture Angel Barbie…you know she has to be beautiful!






♥Couture Angel Barbie♥

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Bob Mackie Circus Barbie

I have wanted this doll for a loooong time!  And now I have her!  The Bob Mackie Circus Barbie!  She is Gold Label and one of only 6,000 dolls made worldwide.  Wow!  And she is stunning!

And the back of the box….

This Barbie is amazing and I love her!  Her outfit has so many intricate details-from the top of her hat to the bottom of her shoes!  And I especially love that she has green eyes!  (I have green eyes too!)  Thanks Ky-Ky for the early birthday gift!

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New Additions to the Collection!

I have a very special post coming tomorrow….




I received a few early birthday gifts and am very pleased to announce that I am the proud new owner of several Gold Label Barbie’s!  Woo!  I cannot wait to show them off!  I don’t have time to do a proper post on them today, as they deserve something really special!  Look for it tomorrow, friends!  I will leave you with this, though:





Until tomorrow…..Happy Thursday!

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