Hi! I am Lindsay, a 29-year-old Barbie enthusiast with a serious sweet tooth!  I also love shopping and anything fashion related. Extra curriculars for me include hanging out with my husband, watching football, reading celebrity gossip, baking, roller skating and bike riding.  And now blogging.

So, basically I got into the blog world about a year ago.  My sister is an avid blogger (check her out www.shelbystidham.com) and I started by reading her blog fairly regularly.  I then found a few other blogs I liked, and started following those fairly regularly as well.  Day after day my husband  would tell me to just go ahead and start my own.  After much back and forth, candybarbie was born.  I am not a foodie, nor am I a crazy exercise addict, but the blogs I follow are about those very things! Go figure!  I want to write about the things that interest me.  I want to write about fashion, the latest trends, and myself! 

A bit more about me……

For the last 10 years, I have worked in pharmacy.  My husband and I both love, love, love to travel! Past trips have included France, New York, Egypt, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Chicago and the Bahamas.  But there are about a billion places we are dying to see!    Some of those include Greece, Rome, Spain, Germany and Bora Bora! Need to start saving up!

I  love movies!  Horror films, to be exact.  To me, the original Halloween is the greatest horror film of all time.  But I am also a HUGE fan of old black and white films.  I do feel I must add, though, that I don’t care for sad, heart-wrenching movies.  I DO NOT want to cry my eyes out while watching a movie.  To me, that is not entertaining.  I avoid the tear-jerkers, always.  Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses.  Love her.  I pretty much love (and own) all of her films.  Roman Holiday is my fav!


17 responses to “About

  1. Kyle

    Hmmm, sounds like that husband guy must be pretty great. 🙂

  2. I love the blog and I love you! I’m so happy you finally got one!!!!!

  3. Jessica

    Found your blog through your sisters link….love it.

  4. lisa

    Hi Lindsay! Love your blog!

  5. Nettie

    Hope I’m not ruining the party by being the oldest fan of your blog. It is pretty awesome. Of course, I haven’t seen Shelby’s yet but I’m sure it is awesome too. I wonder how I got two, such awesome daughters?

  6. Hiya,

    Adding you to my list of regular reads. ( Mainly it has to be said because you are as cute as candy, even if you are taken 😉 )

  7. Amy Lee

    Hi Lindsay, This blog is fun to read! I think I watched the Freddy Krueger movies with your husband when we were kids in WI. I’ll continue to check it out. Amy (Laken) Lee

  8. Twade

    If that husband guy is pretty good,then you must have fantastic parents. See you in Bora Bora someday.

  9. Tre

    How are you related to Colin? Sister? He’s a great guy, good character, morals, very level-headed.

  10. Lisa torres

    Hi Lindsay,
    You need to listen to the song candy by Chris august. It reminded me of you. He is a Christian singer and the song is cute!

    🙂 lisa

  11. tammy

    Cute….I love it, ran across the link from your hubbys’ link on ebay. The original Halloween is my all-time fav movie too and I can’t stand sad endings….hahaha!
    take care & stay real!

  12. Nancy Perkins

    Hi Lindsay,

    I’m Nancy Perkins. I came across candybarbie.com and am very much impressed with your content. Nowadays, there are a very few websites like yours who give time and effort in providing quality and informative content.

    Are you doing the content all by yourself?


    Nancy Perkins

    • Kyle

      Hi Nancy,

      I’m Lindsay’s husband. I know Lindsay is at work right now but yes, she’s doing everything by herself. There was a time about 6 months ago when I would occasionally sub in on posts (and would identify myself as doing so) but that was really before the blog became full time about fashion.

      She really does do a good job, huh? I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been in a store like Neiman Marcus and she grabs something off a rack randomly and say, “Oh! This would be really cute, huh?” and then like 3 weeks later a new US weekly comes and some celebrity is wearing it (and of course I hear the “remember, I told you so” LOL)

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