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American Giving Awards: Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham

Well, well, well.  Here is one that I don’t frequently blog about: Miley Cyrus.

The singer/actress attended the American Giving Awards earlier this week….



Ms. Miley chose a gold gown with halter top and plunging neckline from the Jenny Packham Fall 2011 RTW Collection.  Now, let’s start with the dress.  I think the dress is pretty.  The halter top and bust area is really nice-and really flattering on Miley.  I think it makes her shoulders and collarbone look super sexy!  But I don’t like how the skirt looks all wrinkled.  And I absolutely loathe her hair!    I am not a fan of slicked-back hair…EVER!  And it is a shame, too, because her makeup is very tastefully done….but the hair ruins this look for me!  One more thing…I don’t like the jewelery she is wearing.  I feel like it looks gawdy!  Plus, her dress is elegant….all those rings and that bracelet just look tacky, IMO. 

Overall, the dress itself is pretty….but Miley’s styling….not so much. 

What do you think?  Do you like Miley in this Jenny Packham gown?  Love it?  Loathe it? 






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Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli

Here is one of my least-favorite looks from last nights VMA’s: Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli:


This is a classic Cavalli dress: loud and flashy.  Not my style, at all.  I think the dress is actually pretty ugly, but more so, I think it is too old-looking for Miley.  There is too much going on, too much fabric.  I definitely would’ve liked to see Miley in something more age-appropriate!  She is only 18 years old!  She has plenty of time to wear long-sleeved grandma gowns!  And I don’t like to see her hair slicked back for the VMA’s!   I mean, come on!  This is MTV we are talking about here!  Not the Grammy’s!  She should’ve worn something more fun, with her hair down and some funky heels!  My VMA grade for Miley: D

What grade would you give Miley’s Roberto Cavalli VMA gown? 




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What do you think about this picture?

Miley Cyrus put this picture on twitter earlier today…..

Miley and her nipple


Hmmmm……I am hesitant to say very much…..but I will say this:  I am not a fan of Miley and I don’t think this is a picture that a teenager should be posting on Twitter. 


What do you think of Miley’s nipple-y picture?


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C’mon Miley!

Miley Cyrus needs to get.a.clue.  Ripped tights + ripped jean shorts + a ginormous scarf + boots = HIDEOUS.  This outfit qualified Miley for Glamour Magazine’s section where all the bad outfits go and people have that black bar of shame over their eyes.  Seriously, this isn’t cute. 


Look at this next photo….that is Miley’s mom in the background….


Apparently that is who she gets it from!  It looks like her mom Tish is wearing a super-long sweater coat (what?!) with boots and some sort of ripped/shredded top.  Lovely.  The mother/daughter duo with no fashion sense…..or any other sense for that matter…. Miley and Tish.  See….


I am fairly certain that Tish thinks she is Miley’s best friend and not her mother…..





What do you think of this mother/daughter team?

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Miley Cyrus

I wanted to title this post ‘Miley Cyrus looks terrible’ but I thought that might be a little harsh.  And you know me, I rarely ever say harsh things about celebrities!  Ha!

Miley Cyrus

I know this is probably just a bad picture of Miley.  Like a bad angle or something.  Or maybe the lighting.  Or maybe both.  Yes, that’s it!  It must be the angle and the lighting that is making her look hideous.  Or her face is making her look hideous. 

Here she is showin’ a bit of cleavage!

Miley at a pre-Grammy event

Okay, so I do not like this dress on her.  I don’t like the cut-outs, or what appears to be some sort of net-like material.  Cut-outs + netting =bad news.  I think the color is kind of drab, and I don’t care for the length either.  And I think her hair looks sort of odd.  It looks too extension-y for my taste. 

Miley & her puppy....and sweats

Sweat pants?! Really?  I mean, okay, so she is going to the gym or whatever.  But still.  Wear something less hideous, especially when there is paparazzi everywhere you go waiting to photograph you.  I wasn’t aware that you could even purchase sweat pants anymore. 

So maybe Miley really is a great singer and actress.  I really don’t even know.  I am not familiar with her songs, and have never seen Hannah Montana or any of her movies.  Does she even have more than one movie?  Not sure.  But I do know one thing.  I am not a Miley fan.  Not now, not ever.  Sorry Miley!

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Grammy Fashion!

Some of the guests at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards:


Rihanna….hate it.

Jennifer Lopez

I like the dress and love the shoes!  She looks flirty and fun!

Nicki Minaj

Is she for real?  This is beyond hideous.

Kim Kardashian

I think Kim looks pretty, but I don’t love this dress.  I don’t hate it either.  She is the definition of voluptuous, and overall gets a thumbs up from me!

Selena Gomez


I think Selena Gomez looks great!  I like the dress and I think she looks super-cute!

Miley Cyrus

I don’t really like this look, although I can’t really see the top of it, so it is hard to say for certain.  But I do not like Miley, so maybe that is why I don’t like her look.  I just don’t like her!

Lea Michele

I can’t put my finger on what it is about this dress that I don’t like, but I don’t like it!  I don’t think she looks good.  And she usually does.  I don’t like her makeup, either.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Keith looks okay.  I usually don’t like the way he dresses, so this is an improvement.  Nicole’s dress looks good on her, but I don’t like it.  Maybe it is the color I don’t like?  I can’t quite decide if it’s the color or the weird ruffling….or both.  Yeah, it’s both.

Justin Bieber

Not liking the all-white.  I think it looks kind of tacky.  Sorry, JB.

Heidi Klum

Heidi looks pretty, but once again, I don’t love this dress.  I think it is just okay.  But she is rocking some awesome shoes! 


 I pretty much hate the dress, the shoes and the jewelry.  But I think her hair actually looks good.  Looks like she toned down “the bump.”

Eva Longoria

This look is not doing anything for me.  I do not like Eva’s hair all slicked back.  I know with such large ruffles on the top part of her dress a big hairdo wouldn’t be appropriate, but she needs hair around her face.  In my opinion.

Kelly Osbourne

Who would ever take fashion advice from her?  This dress is disgusting.  The color is horrendous and the ruffles and the bow look awful.  Like the shoes, though.

Dianna Agron

Dianna has followed the one basic fashion rule: KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid.   She looks pretty and classy but not over-the-top.  A+  

Jennifer Hudson

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  J-Hud looks so amazing!!  She has done Weight Watchers proud!  Jennifer looks fantastic and this dress looks perfect on her!  Oddly enough, I don’t really care for her shoes.  I think this could be my favorite dress of the night!

Ricky Martin

WTF is up with his pants?!  Ricky is super-hot, even if he is wearing skin-tight silver pants that look like they were made for the Tin Man. 


I don’t like the color of Jewel’s dress, I think it washes her out.  I like her accessories, though.  I think the clutch, ring and earrings do go nicely with the dress.  And I think she is pregnant, so she kind of gets a free fashion pass.  This time.

Naya Rivera

Ugh, what is up with the lavender?!  I hate it.  With a passion.  This dress would be cute if it didn’t have that weird train thing and was an entirely different color.  As per usual, I like her shoes!

Natasha Bedingfield

Another dislike for me.  Ugly dress and bad hair.  Fail!

Willow Smith

There are not enough words to describe my hatred for this outfit.  And that is all I am going to say.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Well, now I know where Willow gets her “look” from.  Her mother.  Another fashion don’t.  This dress is so unflattering on her, and the hair is out of control-in a bad way. 


Usher is a total hunk-o-rama but the boots need to go.  Like now. 

Giuliana Rancic

Love this!!  Gorgeous dress, gorgeous makeup/hair and great shoes!  Perfect, Giuliana!

LeAnn Rimes

I think LeAnn’s dress is average, at best.  I hate her hair, though.

The Grammy’s did not impress me this year.  There were hardly any dresses that I really liked.  Boo!  I had hoped to see lots of pretty ladies in gorgeous couture, but no such luck.  At least the Academy Awards are coming up soon! 

Who would you deem best and/or worst dressed at the Grammy’s this year?


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I will be the judge of that!

As you all know, I have a deep interest in celebrities.  I guess it is kind of ironic that I used the word deep,  since my interest in them is really rather shallow.  I like to look at them, read about them, watch them, and then judge them.  Not always in a bad way, though.  Only when it is deserved!  Let’s start the daily judgement!

Aubrey O'day

Here we have Aubrey O’day.  Not really even sure what she is famous for, besides being a member of Danity Kane and then getting kicked out.  I think that is what happened.  I don’t usually like anything she wears, and this outfit is no different.  I hate the dress, and I think it looks horrible on her.  It is very unflattering and makes her boobs look ginormous.  That is probably the look she was going for, come to think of it.  I do like her belt and her shoes, but not with this dress.  I think the dress is an awkward length and just does not do anything for her.  And I do not like the purse either, it is too dang big!  And again with the red lips!?!  Why does everyone think red lips are always appropriate?  Keep it simple, people!  If you are not on the red carpet, don’t do red lips!!  In my opinion this dress is very “busy” and does not need a ton of accessorizing. 

Hayden Panettiere

I think Hayden Panettiere is kinda cute, but I HATE her haircut.  And I don’t really like this outfit.  I don’t necessarily think it looks bad on her, I just don’t like it in general.  I do love her shoes, though.  I think the slouchy-sweater top looks kinda sloppy and obviously I am not a fan of skinny jeans, although in this case they are tucked into her ankle boots/heels, so it doesn’t look too bad.   I don’t like it when celebrities are just out casually shopping but they feel the need to wear heels with an otherwise junky outfit.  Number one, heels are not comfortable, generally speaking.  And if you are out shopping don’t you want to be comfortable?  Number two, she doesn’t have her hair and makeup done.  To me, heels should be worn as part of an ensemble.  Hair, makeup, nice outfit, and heels.  Not with a junky outfit I threw on to do some afternoon shopping.  Again, just my opinion!


Emmy Rossum

See what I mean about the red lips?  Actress Emmy Rossum is at a red carpet event, where her lipstick looks appropriate.   Now, about her outfit….I like it.  I am not sure if this is a dress or a blouse tucked into a skirt,  but I think it looks good on her.  I also like her clutch and her shoes.  Nothing is too matchy-matchy, but it all works together.  And she is not wearing any jewelry, which is a good thing.  Her red lips and high-slitted dress are all she needs!  Great job, Emmy!


Kristin Cavallari

I think Kristin Cavallari looks great here!  This is a casual outfit that is perfectly put together.   The flowy top looks really nice with her brown belt and wedges.  And the boot-cut jeans are perfection!!  They look great on her!  Just try to picture this outfit with skinny jeans…..it would be awful!  Boot-cut jeans flatter every figure!  Love this!

Hilary Duff

I am not a big fan of Hilary Duff.  And I am not a big fan of this outfit.  I don’t like leather pants, like ever.  Maybe if you are a rock star or something, then you can pull them off.  But I really don’t like leather pants being worn with a leather jacket.  And from what I can tell, it looks like she is wearing some kind of see-through black shirt with a black strapless bra.  Not good.  And it’s weird because I don’t look at this picture and immediately go “oh man she looks terrible.”  She is making the best out of a bad outfit.  But guess what?!  I actually like her hair!  Even though a lot of it is probably extensions, I think it looks good on her, and I don’t mind the two-tone color, either!

Miley Cyrus

Ugh, I HATE THIS!!!  Miley Cyrus looks terrible!! I hate the t-shirt, I hate the jeggings and I really hate the boots.  And everything put together…..an explosion of disgustingness!!  And there really isn’t a whole lot more to say, except I also hate that she is wearing gold rings on every finger of her left hand.    FAIL!

Rachel Bilson

I love this outfit!  Most of the time, Rachel Bilson looks very stylish.  And this outfit is no exception.  I love the dress and blazer combo, and the necklace works perfectly!  And the shoes?!  Love ’em!  The black purse thrown in the mix is genius!  Usually I don’t care for black accessories (purses/shoes) with tan-hued clothing, but the hardware on the purse strap ties in with the necklace and overall just looks great!  I would totally wear this outfit!


Kelly Brook

Here is British actress Kelly Brook out shopping in Los Angeles.  As I mentioned before, I do not like leather pants.  And her boots kind of remind me of the ones Miley Cyrus was wearing!  Not good!  I think this outfit is awful.  Kelly is very pretty, and has a kick-ass figure, but this outfit just makes her look kind of  blah.  A turtleneck sweater is never a good choice when paired with leather pants.  Am I right?  And she is in LA.  And it looks sunny out.  Why is she even wearing a turtleneck sweater?  Why does she even own one?  Who knows?!  Back to the pants.  They look like they don’t really even fit her properly.  And what is up with the big zipper pocket and button flap at the waist?!   Hideous.  Seriously.  And her boots look like ratty, old witch boots.  No offense, Kelly.  You are totally gorgeous, but this outfit is a complete bust. 

What do you think?  Am I too harsh?  Which of these outfits do you love/hate?

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