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Birthday Trip: Day 4

Gonna give you a two-for-one right now and not split up day four, even though we did have a pretty fun day and even better night!

The morning started out with Kyle Thomas and I trying to decide what to do for entertainment…for the day and for the upcoming evening.  We decided to do some walking (burn off the sugar factory and booze calories!) and just explore a little bit of the Las Vegas strip.  Obviously we have done this many times before, but it never gets old!  There are so, so, so many weirdos  characters in Vegas, it is always entertaining to simply “people watch.”  After a bit of walking, we needed caffeine, STAT!

Our first attempt at caffeine recovery was in the form of Starbucks at Planet Hollywood.  Mistake!  Humongous mistake!  Apparently the entire city decided right at that very moment to hit up PH Starbucks, because the line was waaaaay long!  Kyle Thomas and I looked at each other and said “oh hell no!  We are outta here!”  Naturally the next best place to locate deliciously caffeinated drinks would be….drumroll please….Sugar Factory!   We walked a few blocks over, peeped at the menu, and BAM!  Sugar Factory offered all kinds of iced and hot coffee drinks!  Score for Darth and CandyBarbie!  Two non-fat iced Chai Latte’s later we were out the door!  

Next we headed over to Caesars Palace….and just happened to notice advertisements (ginormous billboards and posters!) for their new show Absinthe.  And there was a guy standing around outside trying to entice passers-by with a $20 off per ticket coupon.  We talked about possibly going (after all, Holly’s hot and saucy friend Angel Porrino is in the show and I wouldn’t mind seeing her, duh!) and decided to think about it.  And when I say think about it, I mean we bought tickets right then and there!  We don’t mess around!

It was pretty hot outside so we cut through Caesars and the forums shops to get to the Mirage, where they have the big cat/dolphin exhibit.  I love me some lions and tigers!  I could gaze at those amazing creatures all.day.long.  Seriously.   While going through, I spotted a sign for one of the new boutiques in the Forum Shops:   Christain Louboutin.  *sigh*…..*tear* 

Lighting was bad, but look at all those shoes!

I knew I wasn’t getting any Loubies this trip, so I decided to move on quickly before I turned into a giant sad-sack beggar.  As much as I hate to admit it, that has happened in the past.  Not my proudest moment.  (Think:  Me-puhleeze can I have a new pair of Louboutin’s?!  I really, really need them!  Kyle-We’re leaving.  Now!)  My next two stops, however, were successful ones!   I scored a new watch at Michael Kors and a delightfully adorable new rubber duckie from Sugar Factory Store!  

A Celebriducky and a rose-gold watch. Whoo Hoo!

After getting presents and seeing the big cats and dolphins, we had worked up an appetite and headed back to Sugar Factory to have lunch.  And lunch consisted of these:

This was sooooo yummy!

Ky-Ky's lunch, cola gummy, cotton candy, pop-rocks, ice cream and candy sauce crepe

After lunch we headed back over to the Cosmopolitan for a much-needed nap.  This doll needed to be in tip-top condition to go see Angel in Absinthe!

All dolled up again for the show!

Fast forward several hours and we were rested, relaxed and ready to go!  We headed down to Absinthe not really knowing what to expect.  We got there a little early so we went and enjoyed the Pussycat Dolls girls dancing at the blackjack tables for a few minutes.  Nice!  While watching the girls dance, I got a little nervous that we weren’t going to get to see Angel because she tweeted that she wasn’t feeling well and had thrown up.  So I crossed my fingers and hoped she would be there. Deep down, though, I knew she wouldn’t disappoint!   Then we walked over to “Spiegelworld” which is the tent like building where the show is performed.  We got in line and wound up with great seats (it’s all general admin.)….just three rows from the stage and I was on the aisle.  Then the show began and let me tell you…it was GREAT!  Amazing acrobatics and gymnastics combined with HILARIOUS comedy.  Just what we needed to kick the evening off.  The show’s hosts, the Gazillionaire and his assistant Miss Penny Pibbets were really funny.  And even though she wasn’t feeling well, Angel was there!  What a trooper!  And believe me, IRL Angel looks just as amazing as she does on TV in Holly’s World!  She is tiny and adorable!

Penny and the Gazillionaire




Kyle Thomas snapped this pic of Angel...so pretty!


When the show was over, I was lucky enough to have Angel taking her bow directly in front of me, then exiting off stage down my aisle.  I’m pretty sure we made eye contact, just don’t ask her if she remembers me!  

Anyway, as we walked back to our hotel we got bombarded with requests to come to different nightclubs.  One of those nightclubs, Chateau (located at the Paris hotel) actually sounded kinda fun!  Kyle Thomas and I went and chilled at Bond for a minute to talk it over and had prime seating right behind the DJ booth.  It was fun watchin’ the DJ spin tracks and interact with the party-goers!

This DJ was actually really good!

After 30 minutes or so, we pulled the trigger and went to Chateau Nightclub and Gardens.  And we had a lot of fun.  It was the Tuesday night bikini contest  for cash prizes.  As soon as we entered the club, I immediately was approached by two female club workers who tried to get me to enter the contest.  I politely declined.  Twice.  Kyle Thomas said I should do it (tried to pressure me!), that it would be a great story for my birthday, but I didn’t have nearly enough alcohol in me to even consider doing something so outside of my comfort zone.  So we maneuvered through the club and found some drinks and a good spot to people watch and dance a little.

On the terrace at Chateau.

Once the bikini contest started, we moved inside to check it out.  It was actually fun to watch.  They would call out each girls name and where she was from, then play some dirty rap music while the girls would dance provocatively.  Right up Darth’s alley, let me tell you!

CandyBarbie participating in that....NO WAY!

After a little while my feet were killing me….4 days straight of heels!  I decided we needed to head back to the Cosmopolitan and get to bed at a reasonable time.  It was only 3:00AM at this point after all, and we had a nice little 8 hour drive ahead of us.  Kyle Thomas agreed and we headed back.  All-in-all, a great night in Vegas!



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Birthday Trip: Day 3, Part 2

While I was getting ready for my big night with Holly, Ky-Ky was taking care a few different things. 

First up on the to-do list?  Checking in on Rickmeister and making sure he had a flight home!  Earlier in the afternoon my FIL Rick E. got an odd phone call/voicemail from the airport (yes, the airport, not the actual airline!) saying very little.  After much back and forth and some serious shadiness from a nasty airline employee, Rickmeister was able to fly into San Francisco, where he met up with my MIL Teresa.  She was already in San Fran because she was picking up the newest member of the family….their new puppy Sookie!!  (I have since met Sookie and she is super-duper adorable!  Many, many, many pics to come!)

The second thing was trying to get all the details wrapped up on our plans for after Peepshow.  Initially we had planned to hit up Peepshow, then head over to Marquee, the club inside the Cosmopolitan.  We were planning to do bottle service (this includes your own private table and waitress) and everyone was going to chip in a portion of the cost.  This started to become a problem because we initially had 9 people going but started getting the vibe that some may back out.  And when I say “some may back out,” I mean some people straight up said “no way! That’s too expensive!”  (Which, BTW, is expensive and we certainly did not have our feelings hurt!)  For those of you who’ve never done bottle service at a top nightclub like Marquee, it’s easily $350 a bottle for 750ml Grey Goose Vodka or Malibu Rum.  And you are usually required to buy 2 bottles with a group our size.  By the time you tip and pay taxes, it could easily be $1,000 (or more!) for the night.  So why pay that much?  Well, there is the fact that you will pay $30 per person just to get in the doors.  On top of having to pay the entrance fee, you will probably have to wait at least an hour to get into a club like Marquee, if not longer.  Then once inside, you will have to fight your way to the bar and most drinks will be in the $12-15 range.  And you will not have anywhere to sit, to put your clutch or camera, and will have to wait in the long bathroom lines.  So if you do the math….you can pay $115 per person to skip the lines, drink until the bottles are gone, have a waitress bring you anything you need, sit at a table and slip your heels off for a minute or two, set your things down to go dance, and skip the long bathroom lines.  Or you can pay around $80 (unless you are a single lady and can find a cute guy to buy your drinks) to get in and dance without the above amenities.  Most of the time, bottle service is well worth it, IMO.  Most of the time

After much debate, we decided to skip the nightclub scene all together and hang out at our suite after Peepshow.  We got back to the room around midnight, ordered a pizza and had drinks with friends.  All-in-all it was a super low-key night, which ended up being just fine.  Pizza, friends and booze!  What could be better?!  Wait….don’t answer that….

Back to the main highlight of the evening…Peepshow!  Woo!  Here I am, ready to go see the show and meet Holly Madison:

All dolled up for Peepshow

I grabbed my copy of “The Showgirl Next Door” (hoping Holly would sign it!) and we took off.  We walked across the street to Planet Hollywood and went upstairs.  The Peepshop theater was open and the little Peepshow store attached to it was open as well.  Kyle Thomas spotted a hoodie that he thought I might want.  Uhh..Doi!  Of course I want that!  I need that!

The front reads PEEP....

After getting yet another birthday present, it was time to scoot into the theater and sit down for the show.  And it was fan-freaking-tastic!  It seemed that they changed some things around in the show, which only made it better!  One of the things we were both looking forward to was seeing Holly perform a bit more and to hear her sing, which is something fairly new for her.  I recently read on twitter that Holly strained her vocal chords, so we weren’t sure if she would actually sing or not.  But when the show got to the Goldie Locks skit, sure enough, BAM!  There was Holly!  Front and center, singing her little heart out!  And her voice is pretty good.  It would have easily been the best Peepshow we’ve seen (this was the third time) if it weren’t for one huge, glaring issue….NO Josh!  That’s right, Josh Strickland had the night off.  And his understudy was a total turd. Sorry, but it’s true.   There is no sugar-coating over here at CandyBarbie.  I wanted Josh Strickland!!  Oh wells, I guess we’ll just have to see Peepshow again….. 😉

After the show, we went down to the front of the theater, near the stage, for the meet’n’greet.  And I was ready!  I rehearsed (in my mind) what I was going to say to Holly, what I was going to ask her.  Last year I was lucky enough to meet Holly after one of her shows, and I got all flubbed up around her.  I didn’t know what to say and I got super-embarrassed and muckied up everything I wanted to say to her.  Think Ralphie and the football with Santa.  That was totally me last time!  Not so this time around!  I was ready!  I had my book in hand and my lines all ready to go!   


Holly is soooo small! Terrible picture, grr!


Love ya, Holly!! 


Like I mentioned earlier, after Peepshow we hung out up in our suite with friends.  The next morning though, Kyle Thomas and I both mentioned having seen Bond Bar downstairs, wishing that we would’ve stopped in for a quick drink.  Bond had a great atmosphere with cool music and DJ’s with dancing girls and everything!   

Bond Bar at Cosmopolitan

That pretty much rounds out the evening for our third day in Vegas!  It was fun!  I will continue tomorrow with a day-four post, but for now I’ll end this post with a big THANK YOU to the following for coming and hanging out with me during my birthday:

My parents Wade and Jeanette

My sister Shelby and my BIL Matt

Ky-Ky’s dad Rickmeister

My SIL Devon and future BIL George

My good friends Sandy and Ruben

Mine and Ky-Ky’s good friend Aaron

Our good friends Jordan and Danielle


A *big thanks* to everyone for making my birthday amazing!!!!

Especially my crazy-awesome hubby Kyle Thomas…aka Darth.  Love you!

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Birthday Trip: Day 2, Part 1

Time for Vegas!

     Kyle Thomas and I got up early, got checked out, and hit the 10 East on our way to Las Vegas.  Viva Las Vegas baby!  After a Starbucks run and veggie salad from Subway, we were completely ready for the 2.5 hours to Vegas.  And the drive turned out to be pretty fun.  I got a tweet from Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan)!!  She had seen my tweet to her earlier that morning and she responded!  She tweeted that I should’ve said ‘hi’ to her at the Katy Perry concert!  Woo hoo!  Rose McGowan wanted me to say hello to her!  Wowza!  That’s big!  Then we stopped in Barstow to pick up several bags of ice!  We brought along a cooler full of ‘beverages’ that needed to be nice and frosty cool for when we arrived in Vegas!  I mean, hey, people are going to need something to drink, right?!  Darth and I are thoughtful like that, what can I say?! 

     We continued our drive…all the while tweeting and snapping photos…but also checking out some of the sites from Holly Madison’s guide to Las Vegas, The Showgirl Next Door, which I brought along in hopes of getting signed by Holly herself.

     We finally arrived in Vegas around 2pm and got to our hotel, the Cosmopolitan!  This hotel is super fab, let me tell you.  It is young and hip and posh and I just adore it!  Seriously, I would move into the Cosmopolitan if I could.   Not only is the entire hotel beautiful, the rooms are equally gorgeous.  We had some time to kill before checking into our room, so it was straight to Betsey Johnson across the steet at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile shops for more birthday goodies!  And this lucky doll scored again with a pink sparkly tutu dress, a jeweled bow necklace and some blinged-out heels with glittery bows on them.  Love, love, love!!!

     Then we headed back to the Cosmopolitan to get into our room and get ready for dinner with family and friends.  And the Cosmo did not disappoint with the best room we’ve had thus far.

The entry way to our room

We stayed in a 1,200 sqft wrap around suite.  And it had the most gorgeous views of the entire strip, including the Belagio Fountains.

So Pretty!

     We then got ready to go out to dinner.  The restaurant of choice?  Sugar Factory Brassiere, doi!  And on the way there, which is a brief walk across the street, I was getting a ton of attention in my pink princess party dress.  My father-in-law Rickmeister even commented that he thought I got more stares than my BIL Colin does when walking around on a busy street.  And he’s a 6’5″ NFL QB!  Needless to say, I was quite pleased by that comment.  I mean, who doesn’t love getting lots of attention?!  😉

Me in my party dress from Betsey Johnson

     When we got to Sugar Factory, we had a table reserved that was ready for us.  Everyone’s food was so delicious!  SF has a really broad menu, so everyone was able to find something they wanted.  And the first thing I found was the perfect way to kick off my birthday dinner!

Me and my lollipop passion goblet...so good!

     Kyle Thomas had a Hubba Bubba martini and even my dad, Twade, got in on the action with a Cinammon Toast Crunch Martini.  Yummy!  We took some more pictures, ate all of our food, and then headed back to our suite to party!

My SIL Devon, CandyBarbie, and my sis Shelby

My soon-to-be BIL George eating chicken n waffles

CandyBarbie needed a bit of help with this one!

     We still had a lot of things to do on the evening agenda, including present-opening, birthday cake-eating and a little bit more drinking!  All with my closest friends and family!  So back to the Cosmopolitan for the rest of the evenings events!


To be continued….

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Lovely Laura Croft

I have to keep this morning’s post super speedy because I have to head into work early today and I am already running late.  Buuuuut, when I saw these new pics of the majoryly sexy Laura Croft, I knew I had to post ’em!  Laura is quickly becoming one of my favorite celebs….obviously she is super hot, but she is funny too!  I follow her on Twitter  (@lauracroft83) and her tweets are hilarious and thoroughly entertaining!  If you don’t follow her already, I highly recomommend it!  She is really funny!  And hot! 

Onto the bikini photos….Enjoy!


Laura has an amazing body!  She is thin, but in great shape!  She works out, but doesn’t have that over-the-top I-workout-too-much body!  She has a perfect figure!




Happy Wednesday, friends!

And remember…follow Laura on Twitter @lauracroft83…and follow me too @misslindsaykaep

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Sexy Saturday!

It’s Saturday and the sun in shining!  What could be better?  How about a few pics of my favorite Holly’s World hotties?!  Yes, I think so!







Holly Madison and Laura Croft are my two favorite’s on Holly’s World!  They are pretty, smart and funny!  And very entertaining!  Follow them on Twitter: @hollymadison and @lauracroft83 !!  While you’re at it, follow me too: @misslindsaykaep !!

 Have a great day!  🙂


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Holly goes to the Go Pool!

Holly Madison hosted a 4th of July poolside bash at the Flamino Hotel’s tropical oasis Go Pool on Sunday in Las Vegas!  And she was lookin’ real good while doing it!




Holly was sipping on champagne and cocktails while dancin’ it up in the DJ booth, all while smiling and waving to her fans!  To stay cool Holly hung out under the pools cascading waterfall….after all it was 106 degrees on Sunday in Vegas!  Yikes!  Holly is such a champ, though!  Despite the scorching temperatures, she ventured into the huge crowd of people to sign autographs and take photos with fans!  How amazing is that?!   Later on that evening Holly headed over to the theater at Planet Hollywood to get back to the grind!  A Peepshow performance!  (or two!)  The work never stops for Holly!  She is such a talented performer and so dedicated, too!  Love ya, Holly!  And I CANNOT wait for August to get here!  I will be seeing Peepshow for the THIRD time and will be meeting Holly after the show!  Woo hoo!  Let the countdown begin……


***Happy Wednesday, friends!***

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An email from Holly….sort of

The other day I received an email from my husband.  And it totally made me smile.  It was three simple little words with a photo included…..


See you soon!



I love it!  We will be traveling to Las Vegas for my birthday in August, which is why he included “see you soon!” with Holly’s picture!  We will be attending Peepshow (Holly’s show!) for the third time, and will hopefully get to snap a pic with Holly at the meet-n-greet afterwards!  I am so incredibly excited!  I am going to drag along my copy of The Showgirl Next Door (Holly’s book!) and try to get Holly to autograph it!  *fingers crossed*

So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you!  I get about a zillion emails each day, so when I saw this particular one from my hubby it pretty much made my day….a Hollyday!  😉


Happy Thursday, friends!

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