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Chic Street Style: Jenna Jameson in Foley and Corinna

Last night, Jenna Jameson shared this photo on Twitter:

And I loved the photo so much I simply had to share it with you all!  While Jenna isn’t standing upright, I still think this is a great shot of her fabulous outfit!   Here are the details:

Jenna’s outfit:

  • Silk blouse by Tucker
  • Leggings by Foley and Corinna
  • Leopard-print Christian Louboutin booties


What a great outfit!  Jenna has great street style!  And for those of you who have Twitter, you can follow Jenna: @jennajameson and follow me, too: @misslindsaykaep  😉  Jenna is funny and always tweets lots of great pictures….and I tweet a lot of….well….everything!


Happy Friday!






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November 29th: Happy Birthday, Darth!

Today is a very special day in the CandyBarbie household….today is Darth’s birthday!  And for those of you who have read CB before (or for those of you who know me IRL) then you know Darth is my fantastic husband (and best friend!) Kyle Thomas!  He is pretty much an all around good-guy.  Best husband I could ever ask for, that’s for sure!













Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Kyle!

Happy Birthday to you!






I hope you have the best birthday, EVER!  You are my very best friend and I appreciate you every single day and I love you so very much!  Happy Birthday! 





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Happy Birthday Abby!

I have been so wrapped up in myself, my job and what is going on in my personal life, that I went and did something very bad.  I missed a birthday.  And it isn’t just anyone.  It is my very best friend in the entire world (aside from my husband) ….Abby….someone who has certainly helped me through some bad times, someone who I love very dearly.  Her birthday was Tuesday, October 4th and I am so very sorry that I missed it.   

Abby if you are reading this:

I am so sorry that I didn’t call you on your Birthday!  But, I want to wish you now a very Happy, Belated Birthday!!  I know we haven’t seen eachother in months, but that doesn’t matter!  We can pick up where we left off!  We need to get together ASAP for a belated birthday dinner!  Love you, doll!  Again, so sorry I’m a few days late with the birthday wishes!


Please forgive me for being such a lousy BFF!  Love ya!  🙂  And let us not forget the birthday song….

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Abby….

Happy Birthday to you!

And many more…..




Happy Birthday, Abby!!!  





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The Emmys: Gwyneth Paltrow in Emilio Pucci

The usually fashion-savvy Gwyneth Paltrow turned heads this evening at the 2011 Emmy Awards in this black belly baring two-piece ensemble by Emilio Pucci:


Back view:


I am not a fan of this look.  At all.  I have said this many times before: showing your stomach is not red carpet appropriate.  Period.  Gwyn has a crazy-awesome bod, but a midriff baring outfit is meant for…well…somewhere else.  Certainly not The Emmys.  Gwyneth paired her Pucci with Neil Lane jewels and Roger Vivier sandals.  I will give her credit for having nice, pretty hair and makeup…but I just keep wondering….what happened to the gorgeously fashionable woman in the pale pink drop-waist Prada gown from just a couple of weeks ago?  Where did she go?  

It seems I am not the only who didn’t care for Gwyneth’s red-carpet gown this evening….many people were hating on the actress via Twitter:


  • “I dream of Jeannie….I mean Gwyneth”
  • “I’m sorry but Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a belly baring 2 piece? nuh-UH Gwynnie!”
  • “Dress selection by Gwyneth Paltrow.  #questionable”
  • “Top choice for worst dress=Gwyneth Paltrow”

Well, the people have spoken.  It seems the general consensus is DISLIKE.  Oh wells.  Gwyneth will have  about a zillion different events where she can redeem herself. 

Gwyneth’s Emmy grade:  D

What do you think?  Do you like GP in this Emilio Pucci dress?  Love it?  Loathe it?





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Chicago: It’s rainy!

So, this is our first real day in Chicago.  Technically we arrived last night, but we didn’t get checked into the hotel until 9 pm, so obviously we didn’t get a chance to do much last night.  Except eat, of course.  Yes, we had a full dinner at 10 pm.  I know that is incredibly bad, but after a full (and tiring!) day of non-stop travel and eating only some cashews and M&M’s, we were both pretty hungry upon arrival.  We had a traditional Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.  Our toppings of choice?  We kept it simple with just cheese and pepperoni!  A small plate of spaghetti and a salad served as side dishes.  We literally inhaled all of the food before I could take any pictures.  I’m fairly certain there will be more pizza to come on this trip, so I’m none too worried.   You will see pizza pictures!  I guarantee it! 

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and hit the sheets!  We are going way old-school with our sleeping arrangements, too.  We have two full-size beds, rather than just one king size bed.  So, naturally we slept in our own beds.  I mean, hey, why the heck not?!  We sleep in the same bed every night at home, so I think it’s nice to switch it up a bit!  Plus, I like not having to share a bed!  (I am not always good at sharing.)

This morning we awoke to a gray outdoors.  It rained last night, and is continuing to do so this morning, so it looks kinda dark and dreary outside. Luckily I packed lots of options for cold-weather!  (Honestly, I packed lots of everything!  It is my curse.) 

Views from our hotel room window:





Kyle swears that the building in the third picture was in the new Transformers movie (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) and proceeded to tell me all about it.  I saw the movie.  I don’t really remember.  Nor do I care.  But it pleases me that he is so enthused about it.  He was like a little kid…face pressed up against the glass….snapping photos….pointing….ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing.  It was totally cute…and only slightly annoying. 

On our agenda for today?  One thing and one thing only:  Watch the 49er game!!   We are planning to meet up with some of Kyle’s coworkers and head over to ESPN Zone and watch football all afternoon!  Should be fun!  Go 49ers!  Since the game doesn’t start until 3 pm (1 pm on the west coast) we should have a bit of free time until kickoff, so I kinda want to sneak outside and try taking a few pictures….if the weather allows.  But we shall see.  I definitely don’t wanted my hair to get wet in the rain!  😉

I will check back in later this evening….but until then….follow me on Twitter:  @misslindsaykaep


***Happy Sunday***



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Gettin’ ready a go go….

Good morning!  It is approximately 6:30 am and I have been up since 5 am….and I am still not packed for our week-long trip to Chicago/Wisconsin.  This sums up how I am feeling right about now….




Lovely, just lovely.  I hate packing SO FREAKING MUCH!  I simply CANNOT decide what to pack, so I completely over-pack.  And every time I take a trip anywhere that requires use of a suitcase, I tell myself “not this time.  I will not pack 20 pairs of shoes and 10 extra outfits.”  And guess what?  History just keeps on repeatin’ itself!  I almost always end up with a 50-pound bag.  There must be something wrong with me.  I have an aversion to packing.  It is a disease, I know it!

I am totally channeling Snooki right now…..



Okay, so I guess it isn’t quite that bad.  But still, I really do hate packing.  Now I must leave you….to go tackle my suitcase and show it WHO IS THE BOSS!!! 

Remember peeps, you can follow me on Twitter:  @misslindsaykaep  to keep up-to-date on all of our trip deets!  😉


Happy Saturday!! 



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Windy City Bound!

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but tomorrow morning (8 am!) Ky-Ky and I are driving over to San Francisco International Airport…..we are going to Chicago!   My handsome hubby has a conference for work in the Windy City, so I decided to tag along and make a little trip out of it!   Also, we have family just-around-the-corner in Wisconsin so we plan to take a couple of extra day and spend some time with the fam-fam over there! 



Kyle and I have both been to Chicago several times before, but it is such a beautiful city, I could go there a million times and never grow tired of it!  There is so much to do and to see….not to mention all the great food Chicago has to offer! 

I plan to take both my laptop and the iPad and definitely my camera.  I will try to stay up-to-date on blogging as much as time allows.  Kyle will be tied to work events (that I won’t be a part of) for three days, so during that time I will try to blog and post pictures.  But I certainly don’t plan to sit in the hotel room the entire trip, either!  I hope to get together with some of the other spouses and maybe do some sight-seeing and a bit of shopping.  Also part of the trip?  A baseball game!  Monday night we will go watch the Chicago Cubs play against the Milwaukee Brewers!  Should be a great time! 

Alright, if you don’t already, follow me on Twitter: @misslindsaykaep

I will be live tweeting the entire trip…keeping you all up to speed on what is going down in Chicago…aka The Windy City.

Here is a preview of our impending trip:

Deep-dish pizza


Wrigley Field


Chicago boat tour




Hopefully the weather is nice and we have a great time!  Talk to you all very soon!  The blog will be back to normal in no time!  If anyone has any suggestions as to what we should do with our time in Chicago, I am all ears!  I would love to know of any super-sweet hidden treasures Chicago has to offer!


Happy Friday evening!  🙂


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